Astana New Age Occult Capital of the World

The Occult World Peace Plan and the Age of Aquarius

Astana is the New Age Occult Capital of the World

It’s time to pay attention to what is really happening in the world. The new world order occultists are very busy constructing the new Age of Aquarius on the earth. The Age of Aquarius is deemed to be a golden era of love, peace, harmony, tolerance, and prosperity for all. But this new utopia is not just about politics – it is a symbiotic relationship between politics and religion. The religion of this new age of enlightenment, is also portrayed as the unification of humanity. But in reality, it represents the unification of the world under Satan.

This Utopian New Age is being unveiled in the image of Satan. It preaches a false gospel of world peace and prosperity for everyone who submit themselves to it. It seeks to establish a new one world universal religion that embraces every false god, while rejecting the only true God Jehovah. This is a classic Satanic deception. The Bible reveals that Satan’s modus operandi us to transform himself into something that he is not – an angel of light and a servant of righteousness.

Hitler’s Third Reich was an attempt to establish a New World Order, eradicate the Jews through mass murder, and replace Christianity with a new pagan occult mystery religion. The Bible foretells the outcome of Satan’s attempt to glorify himself as god on earth; it will end in chaos and destruction on a scale never before witnessed throughout all of history. This what the Bible refers to as the Great Tribulation. More information about the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast.

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